Ducati Capacitors

For more than 80 years, DUCATI energia is a leading company in production of capacitors for several fields of application, including power factor correction. Following this tradition, continuous investments in research and development of new products have represented the core of our company policy.

The result of this philosophy is the new range of
PFC capacitors ModuloXD.
Thanks to the technological innovation of self- healing metallized polypropylene and mechanical construction we achieved a very wide range of power 1.5–30 kVAR and voltage 240–800 V as standard. For special applications available up to 1000V.

These new capacitors ModuloXD reach an expected life of more than 130,000 hours having an optimized mechanical design to grant higher flexibility to all panel builders.
Other types of 3 phase capacitors are also available including the Modulo 50 series and the modular design Ducati F50 series long life. Ducati also offers single phase capacitors, reactive power controllers , blocking reactors, active harmonic filters automatic and fixed power factor correction equipment.

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