Si-COAT 570


Power outages due to dirty insulator flashover are an expensive nuisance to industries that require an uninterrupted power source. Flashovers cause hours of machine downtime and unnecessary expenses.

HVIC Insulator flashover results from contamination that settles on the insulator surface. When combined with environmental moisture, leakage current develops which can lead to flashover.Older methods to prevent flashover such as frequent water washing or greasing are time consuming.

Instead, coat your with Si-COAT 570 HVIC; the coating which has proven itself to give the best flashover protection for years upon years – even in the most adverse of conditions. Si-COAT 570 HVIC is a one-part, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) organosiloxane coating.

It’s unique and patented formulation provides a highly hydrophobic surface for its entire life. Because itis a Si-COAT product, it is not affected by UV light, corona discharge, chemical contaminants, salt, extreme temperatures or corrosive environments. Si-COAT 570 HVIC is engineered with exact amounts of non-reactive fluids and ingredients with The benefits are twofold:

Superior retention of hydrophobicity, ensuring a tremendously long life span, and a more robust self-cooling mechanism to protect the surface from physical damage in the case of dry band arcing.

No heat is required to cure Si-COAT 570. This means the free fluid in the coating does not react during curing. Thus, more free fluid is available – dramatically enhancing coating performance. Si-COAT 570 HVIC applies very smoothly and easily.

This translates into a material saving and enhanced performance characteristics. Choose Si-COAT 570 HVIC for the world’s most reliable protection against flashover.

Also available in a VOC free formulation. precise particle sizes for optimum performance and reliability.




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