Oil Analysis, Transformer Oil Testing & SF6 Gas Testing

Mahanga Holdings Limited are the sole representative of TJ|H2b Analytical Services Pty Ltd in New Zealand.

TJ|H2b Analytical Services, Inc. is an independent analytical laboratory and consulting firm that specialises in diagnostic testing of oil, gas and other insulating materials used in transformers, power circuit breakers and on-load tap-changers. They are the industry leaders in the development and application of condition-based maintenance programs for electric utilities, industrial high-voltage power users and service companies.
We can provide all lab tests and also stringent diagnostic testing on transformers, on-load tap changers, oil circuit breakers and SF6 applications.

When you order your test kits from Mahanga Holdings Limited, each kit comes with the following items:

We supply seperate sampling tubes to ensure the chances of cross contamination between samples is minimised. TJ|H2b use full gas extraction methods to ensure repeatability and accuracy in tests. When you consider that the assets being tested are the most important items on your grid, you should expect no less.

Please contact us direct for very competitive prices and turn around times on oil samples and analysis.

MHL Oil Sampling Kit

Testing Services

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • Acidity
  • Interfacial Tension
  • Moisture
  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
  • Colour & Visual Examination
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF)
  • Resistivity
  • Furfurals (Furan)
  • Degree of Polymerization
  • Particle Count
  • PCB
  • Corrosive Sulphur

Equipment specific diagnostic packages

  • Transformer Condition Assessment TCA
  • Breaker Oil Analysis BOA
  • Tapchanger Activity Signature Analysis TASA
  • Breaker Gas Analysis BGA
  • Live Tank Oil Sampling (LTOS™) for Ring Main Units

Value-Added Products & Services

  • Each Report contains a Condition code (1-4 *)
  • Laboratory Recommended Procedure
  • Recommended Retest Period
  • Turbulent Flush Sampling System TFSS
  • Gas Sample Collection Unit (GSCU) for SF6
SF6 Gas Sample Collection Unit

Breaker Gas Analysis (BGA®) for SF 6 filled Equipment.

Like oil in oil-filled equipment, SF 6 can be sampled and tested to gain an assessment of equipment condition and fluid quality. TJ|H2b have developed a unique and simple sampling method that can ensure a sample of high integrity is taken.

LTOS Sampling kit

Introduction of Live Tank Oil Sampling (LTOS)

Live Tank Oil Sampling (LTOS) has been devised by EA Technology in the UK as a low cost, safe and reliable method of obtaining an oil sample from 11kV oil filled switchgear, with the minimum of time and interference to the power supply.

This service will be supportive of our already popular Transformer Condition Analysis (TCA) and Tap Changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA) services being utilised throughout New Zealand

We feel sure that this service will be of considerable benefit in informing customers of the healthy, or otherwise, condition of Ring Main Units and similar equipment, with minimal or no shutdown time.

Sample Data Sheets and Instructions

DBDS DGA DP (Furan) DP (Paper) LTOS MiniSuite 1 MiniSuite 2 MiniSuite 3 MiniSuite 4
MiniSuite 10 MiniSuite 16 PCB Reduced TASA SF6 TASA TCA Sampling Procedure BOA

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