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Software Demonstrations

If you are interested in one of these webinars please feel free to send an email to or you could reach Praveen on +61 409 322 415
  Product(s) Webinar Subject Duration
CYMCAP Power Cable Amacity Calculation USing CYMCAP 1 Hour
LVDrop7 Voltage Drop Calculation in LV Distribution Networks Using LV-Drop 1 Hour
CYME Basic analysis in Industrial Networks (Power Flow,Short Circuit, Load Flow Contingency) Using Cyme Software 1 Hour
CYMTCC Protective device coordination in Industrial Networks using CYMTCC 1 Hour
Powsys32 / Fault32 Basic analysis in Industrial Electrical Networks ( Power Flow, Short Circuit) using Powsys32 and Fault32 1 Hour
RelCord32 Protection coordination using Relcord32 & an Introduction to Protection Database Software 1 Hour
CYMARC / CYMHARMO Arc flash hazard & Harmonic Analysis in Industrial Networks Using Cyme Software 1 Hour
CYMGRD Substation Earthing Design Using CYMGRD 1 Hour

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